Countdown 2021 with Kailav ⏰

Kailav Beauty had quite a year full of ups and downs, but we had a blast spending it with you. This blog post will count down our top moments.

Inspired by joie de vivre, a French phrase used to express a cheerful enjoyment of life. We introduced a new collection inspired by the Rococo movement that takes place in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Signature art styles that define Rococo are flamboyant ornamentation and muted pastel colors. Common themes that Rococo covers are love, nature, and lightheartedness. 

Pronounced "kye-luv", we have officially switched our online presence from Musée Beauty to Kailav. Kailav is a fun combination of the founders' nicknames, Tara and Kaya. While our name has changed, fine art will still serve as our main source of inspiration.

Check out this video from Kaya to hear more details about our name change!

After getting many requests to restock the original Le Jardin Palette from earlier this year, we decided to revamp the palette with a similar color story, releasing the limited edition Le Jardin Vol. II. The palette is still for sale now, so go grab yours today!

To close the year, we celebrated with our first POC-owned small business market at We had the pleasure to work with:@creativedaysart @byodiri @ku.b0 @tiffanyjeanchung @topdogtradingx @bananazayana @velvet_rose_studios @joyces.jewels. Be on the lookout for future markets and events in the upcoming year.

Now that 2021 is over, we have more to look forward to in 2022. Coming into the new year, we will be expanding our team at HQ and entering the retail space. With Kaya getting married and Tara graduating from university, we cannot wait to share more memories with you.

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