Euphoria Season 2 Presented by Kailav Beauty

With the close of Euphoria Season 2, makeup lovers are scrambling to create their own Cassie, Jules, Kat, and Maddy-inspired looks! Here’s a rundown of how you can use your fav Kailav products for a look even MUA Donni Davy would approve of. 

In episode 4, Cassie’s baby pink eyeshadow  look goes along with the idea of “emotional glam.”  The soft pinks represent her vulnerability as she faces the consequences of her actions. That softness reminds the viewer that Cassie is genuine with good intentions. The addition of glitter on the lower lash line accentuates her tearful emotions. 

How to recreate: Start with a pink base, using the shade: Infatuation from the Rococo Palette to create a color wash on your eyelids. Then, use a white eyeliner to put tiny dots on my bottom lash line


The budding love triangle between Jules, Rue, and Eliot manifests into Jules’ green and blue flaming eyeshadow that ignites the fire in Jules’ eyes during interrogation.

How to recreate: You can use shades: Undergrowth, Parasol, Verdant from Impressionism Palette to stipple colors on the eyelid in a cat-eye shape. Add Verdant to the inner corner to add some green shimmer.

Sharper than a knife, Kat’s take on Maddy’s iconic eyeliner adds a little Euphoria flair with a glittery blue accent. Blue has become a signature color for Maddy this season and we wonder if Kate co-opting the color foreshadows a stronger friendship for the two. 

How to recreate: First, use the shade: Starry from the Impressionism Palette to create a cat-eye look. Then, use the shade: Wisp from Impressionism Palette to layer on top of Starry on the inner corner to make it lighter and add some gradient to the color. Finish off with black eyeliner to create a dramatic wing on top, which leaves some eyeshadow peaking over the top. You can also add black eyeliner in the inner corner of the eye to create a more dramatic look.


Finally, onto the resident IT girl – the majestic Maddy. Even as a audience member, Maddy is still able to grab our attention with her glittery green makeup. Unstoppable, Maddy’s confidence doesn’t let anyone or anything get in her way, and her makeup reinforces that to the viewer. 

How to recreate: You will need the Impressionism Palette for this look. First, you create a base with shade: Parasol. Then, you create a liner using shade: Undergrowth and finish off with a glittery layer using shade: Wisp.

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