Self-Love with Kailav

Narcissus, 1728 by François Lemoyne

Self-Love with Kailav

Rococo artist, François Lemoyne, in his painting, Narcissus, 1728, depicts the Greek myth of Narcissus as he falls in love with his reflection. Modern media and literature have connotated the term as arrogant and self-absorbed. However, the team at Kailav wants to observe the myth of Narcissus from a romantic lens. This Valentine’s Day, our team has taken the time to appreciate our reflections through mirror selfies. Self-love is more than self-absorption. Embracing your outer beauty empowers your inner beauty by reflecting self-love.

~ A Little Art History Moment ~

In Narcissus, 1728, François Lemoyne’s usage of chiaroscuro – the contrast of light and dark – emphasizes that Narcissus himself is the source of his own beauty. As the light illuminates his physical body, his reflection remains more muted. Lemoyne traces the gaze of the viewer by creating a diagonal of light – beaming through the trees and onto Narcissus and the flora. While his reflection is important to the narrative of the picture, Lemoyne’s usage of light implies that beauty is in the self and in nature. Loving your reflection is important to understanding yourself, but understanding your importance is the reflection of self-love. 

What is Self-Love to the Kailav Community?

For Haley (@_itarilde), "doing my makeup is part of how I practice self-love. It is not a negative process of hiding insecurities or compensating for perceived flaws, it is an affirming act in which I embrace my features and channel my creativity for daily self-expression."


Our co-founder, Kaya (@kayaempire), says that “self-love is all about feeding your soul and really taking care of your body and mind. I love to listen to my inner child and indulge in those playful, imaginative activities like painting, dancing around the house, or just sitting outside in the sun with a good book. I never feel guilty for taking time for self-care because I know that it’s essential to my mental health.” 

Our Public Relations Manager, Tiffany (@tiffanysunnie), says that “self-love is all about taking care of yourself. It’s the little things, whether that is cooking a filling meal for yourself, doing skincare, putting a little more effort into your outfit and makeup, or enjoying time to yourself. We show such great care for others, and we all deserve reciprocated energy back!”


And to me, self-love is permitting yourself to do the things you enjoy. In today’s society, if you don’t have a to-do list, you are due to get lost. I know that I am my best self when I do not have to live up to expectations. Releasing my inner expectations allows me to fully embrace the moment and return to my lighthearted nature.

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Be Your Own Canvas,

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