Support Women This Holiday Season!

Holiday 2021 Gift Guide 

Happy Holidays! This time of year is always overwhelming trying to find the perfect gift for the people you love. Meaningful and thoughtful gifts are always so special, especially when female empowerment is one of the main values of a brand. Supporting female-owned businesses is so important and puts you in the holiday spirit. Gift-giving is one of my favorite love languages towards others, so here are my top 5 gift ideas that support business-women!

1. Set up a photoshoot for family pictures with a local, female photographer.

Don’t tell, but I have booked long-overdue couple pictures with Katherine Hunter Photography, ( as my parents’ gift for Christmas! Empowering local, female photographers by supporting and sharing their work enables their dreams and passions to become a reality.

2. Commission an artistic friend to create a personalized, meaningful gift.

Last year, I got a caricature of my dad, my dog, and me made by one of my classmates, Leticia Rincon! (@artbynatbam) She is a very talented Latina artist, and I absolutely adore her work. I ended up framing it and now it sits on his desk as a daily reminder of how much I love and appreciate him.

3. Buy a matching hair pony from Insert Name Here! (@insertnamehere)

Founded by two women on the 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30, this brand epitomizes female empowerment. My mom has Bella in the shade Black Brown! She loves wearing it on days when she wants a little extra spark of confidence, and the length of this pony looks very natural. All their ponies come in a variety of hair colors, including shades for redheads!

My mom is wearing Bella in the shade Black Brown; I am wearing Shayla in the shade Ash Blonde. Mirella Belle (@mirellabelle) is wearing Bella in the shade Champagne Blonde.

4. Buy gift sets from black-owned brands!

There are a variety of women-of-color brands out there, but one of my favorites from Sephora is FORVR Mood. The founder, Jackie Aina (@jackieaina), is the first female influencer to receive an NAACP Image YouTuber of the Year award! FORVR Mood has a variety of mini candle gift sets for any scent genre preferences. Since I prefer gourmet scents, the Sweater Weather Mini Candle set is perfect for a little sweet, self-love treat.

5. And finally, we have to mention how giftable our eyeshadow palettes are!

Kailav’s color stories fulfill every eyeshadow preference. Whether or not you enjoy colorful looks, everyday looks, or editorial looks, our palettes provide a variety of options so you can meet your artistic potential. For neutral lovers, I would recommend the Honoré palette; with beautiful pops of green and blue, the blush and golden shades are perfect for everyday wear. For bright color lovers, I would recommend the Impressionism palette; the spectrum of shades and its bright pigmentation makes this the ultimate all-in-one palette. For editorial lovers, I would recommend the Triumph of Venus. The soft blues juxtaposing the bright oranges and deep browns allows you to play with color theory. If you’re still stuck, take our palette quiz! (The link can be found under “Shop”) No matter what palette you choose, our woc-owned, cruelty-free, vegan products inspired by art history will connect you with your inner artist.

I hope you enjoyed my Holiday 2021 Gift Guide! Be merry, be bold, and be your own canvas.



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