Trend Report: Jewel Tones

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But being the most versatile with any skin tone, jewel tones win our hearts. Jewel tones are having their moment to shine, and our palettes definitely reflect that. Come along on this gem-infused journey to learn all about jewel tones, how we incorporated the shades into the new art nouveau palette, and some all-inclusive makeup looks to make you look sparkling

You might be wondering: what colors are considered jewel tones? Jewel tones come from gemstone colors and are highly saturated which makes them bold and eye-catching.

Some hidden jewels tones dupes you can find in the new Art Nouveau palette are:

  1. shade: Zodiac represents Garnet
  2. shade: Danae represents Citrine
  3. shade: Klimt represents Yellow Topaz
  4. shade: Summer represents Peridot
  5. shade: Fluidity represents Emerald
  6. shade: Water Serpent represents Aquamarine
  7. shade: Sensuality represents Alexandrite
  8. shade: Topaz represents Dreamy
  9. shade: Mystique represents Amethyst
  10. shade: Life represents Diamond

“Jewel tones are universally flattering because of their rich, saturated hues. Jewel tones encompass emerald greens, royal purples, and deep blues, so you can find a shade that really compliments your eye color. My personal favorite for brown eyes is purples, especially shimmering pink-purples! Jewel tones evoke a feeling of drama, mystery, and royalty. Even the smallest pop of color with a jewel tone eyeshadow on the lower lash line can instantly elevate a look (Kaya, Kailav Co-founder).” 

For all these looks, you will need the following palette: the NEW Art Nouveau palette. 

To recreate Kaya’s polka dot look, you will need the Art Nouveau palette. Apply shade: sensuality as a liner. Apply shades: dreamy, mystique, water serpents for the dots. 

To recreate Gracie’s look with the Art Nouveau and Daydream palettes, you will apply the shade: Klimt in the crease and the shade: kiss to the lid life on the inner corner and browbone. Then, add tarot as a base for the liner and to finish create random shapes with vernality (lavender), ambrosia (orange), seraphic (magenta), and effervescent (cyan).

To recreate our model: Moyo’s look, use shade: water serpents in the inner crease and shade: mystique all over the mobile lid. Then, top the inner corner with shade: dreamy. For the lower lash line, mix shades: fluidity and summer. Then, finish Rococo Colorwash in shade: play.

As the beauty community falls in love with the artistry behind makeup again, our paint palette, with its bold and brilliant colors, gives you the versatility to be your own canvas. No matter what art movement you are inspired by, these products will help you achieve any look. 


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    wow, i love how closely the shades correspond with different jewels! gives me a whole new perspective on the color story!

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