Messy Mind

 By Marifer Angulo


Based on A Singular Moment by Emily Mente


There’s a whirlwind

Behind my eyes 

Inside my brain 

There’s a clutter of thoughts 

Each one a part of what I call disaster

The winds blow buried words up again

Words that were once swept up to be forgotten 

Words that I try to form a sentence with 

To hide the chaos it’s creating 

I remember to breathe in 

And breathe out

As I close my eyes 

I envision what it’s like 

To see each thought

Each a leaf blown into the wind

I look at the blue sky and the 

Flowers scattered in the field

Out of uniform

Just like my thoughts

I see everything 



The trees

The white puffy clouds

The grass patches

And it’s lovely

And it hits me

It’s a picture and it makes sense

It’s my words and they make sense



The uniqueness of the piece really spoke to me and I was inspired by the color and use of nature; I knew I wanted to write about it. Although the piece has a lot going on, it’s so beautiful and special. It made me think of how we often hate the way our brain goes crazy and don’t realize that in and of itself, despite the mess, it’s a beautiful thing.


Tags: Poetry