Simple, Bold, Means Beautiful

Written by Miranda Rodriguez



Beauty comes from within, not from flashy or expensive trends forced on you by society

Each and every person, no matter their birthplace or skin color, holds beauty inside 

It’s just a matter of showing it, putting out good into the world no matter what anyone thinks or says. 

Red, Yellow, Black, Gray, Blue, all the colors of the rainbow shine as each of us do. 

Keep it simple they say, beauty does not need extravagant accessories or clothes

Beauty found in simplicity, like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings as it soars over a field of sunflowers

Simple beauty, universal beauty, means having the courage to be unapologetically bold and yourself. 


Today’s world is painted like a diverse landscape of many shapes and colors

Showing how there is not one definition of beauty 

Just because someone doesn’t think something is beautiful doesn’t mean that it isn’t 

Makeup encompasses beauty as artists use their talents with faces as their canvases

To emphasize our power, to create beauty in the dark and hopeless times  

No two faces look alike, but they each hold unique beauty

Her, him, they, them, all people value makeup as a form of self-expression

To boost confidence, our inner thoughts or feelings drawn and painted for the world to see. 

Love is Love, Beauty is Beauty 

The art of makeup brings out someone’s inner beauty by highlighting their features 

But, at the end of the day, each person creates their own version of what beauty means to them 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


Simplicity is beautiful, like blooming flowers and the fiery colors as the sun rises and falls

A dark sky full of twinkling stars spread as far as the eye can see 

There is beauty all around you and me. 

No need for fancy adornments or photoshop, true beauty shines naturally

Each body is different, each face, each smile, but they are all beautiful

Regardless of social norms or expectations to look a certain way. 

Piet’s masterpiece translates this message as flawlessly as Bey

Illustrating how a mixture of various shapes and colors can be beautiful, no matter what society may say. 

The combination of colors, polychromatism, artists use intentionally in makeup as well 

Like how the world contains combos of colors from Texas to Morocco. 

Each of us learn as we grow older, 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 


Simple beauty, minimalist, strip back the diamonds and sequins, return to the roots 

Of fashion and art, both understand that uncovering beauty can be effortless and bold. 

Trends of primary colors, Red, Blue, Yellow, forming the foundation of art, fashion, makeup 

Returning to the roots of 1800s style where minimalism led the way 

And people lived without many possessions or worries.  

Exemplified by Mondrian’s work of various geometric figures and primary colors 

Which transcend the test of time and resurface as society upholds minimalist lifestyles. 

This type of beauty, the simple and timeless kind universally speaks to us and reminds us that

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


Tags: Analysis, Poetry