• Bare Beauties

    Two women lay beside one another, intertwined in a bed of eroticism and femininity- shamelessly themselves. Stars and flowers and eyes surround their stripped figures. Beautifully bare, your fresh face prepares for its own mosaic of makeup. What picture will you paint? What stories will you tell?


  • Nymph Limbs and Human Skins

    In ragamalas, rarely is any skin tone other than light skin illustrated on deities and characters from folk tales. In art, the nature in which the human body is represented can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, far from static, every culture’s standard of beauty oscillates differently as hierarchies form, crumble, and reconstruct.

  • An Analysis of “Antinous as Bacchus”

    “We are different people to different people. Perception is a reality, and because each individual’s perception is infinitely unique, no two people share the exact same perception of you.”