Made by creatives, for creatives.

Kaya and Tara are sisters who share two passions: makeup and art.

In 2018, they had an inspired idea that led to the creation of Kailav.

What if there was a brand that combined art and makeup for people that like to use makeup creatively?

For years, Tara and Kaya felt limited by their makeup collections. They owned a staggering amount of makeup, but always had to pull out multiple palettes to achieve their creative makeup looks. Looking at their makeup collection felt like looking at a sea of neutrals with one or two pops of color.
Boring, unoriginal, uninspired.
We love color. Kailav blends our passions for fine art with makeup by curating inspiring color stories with high quality formulations for easy, quick application.
Creative makeup shouldn't be hard. Kailav makes it easy and fun to express yourself with makeup. 
Proudly based in sunny Austin, TX.

Tara and Kaya, sisters and founders of Kailav