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Kaya and Tara are sisters who share two passions: makeup + art. In 2018, they had an inspired idea that led to the creation of Kailav. What if there was a brand that combined art and makeup for people that like to use makeup creatively?

Hey, it's Tara! Makeup has been a pretty huge part of my life, but it hasn't always been for positive reasons. When I was in high school (shudder), I found myself relying on makeup to hide my perceived insecurities. If I wasn't wearing foundation, mascara, and eyeliner, I felt naked. The idea of doing anything with my makeup to call attention to myself was terrifying.
When I left for college, I discovered my love for using makeup as a form of self-expression. Using color, bold shapes, and graphic liner, I realized I could express myself and my individuality without saying a word. Wearing makeup became a source of confidence and power not because I was focused on covering breakouts or dark circles, but because I was using it as an extension of myself. Kailav is a brand that celebrates self-love through self-expression and we wholeheartedly believe that YOU ARE ART.

Hi, Kaya here! As a former competitive dancer, bold makeup was no stranger to me. I loved the drama of stage makeup and would keep my makeup on for hours after dress rehearsals. (This was about the same time Tara, four years younger than me, would sneak away with makeup from my dance bag.)
Fast forward to university, I majored in chemical engineering, but felt like my life was missing a creative element. I started my YouTube channel and dedicated the first few years of my channel to educational makeup tutorials and reviewing new releases. I had a HUGE makeup collection, and I really got a feel for what differentiates a phenomenal product from a standard product. When you own about fifty eyeshadow palettes, you start to take note of what makes a great, easy to use formula.
There’s no better feeling than wearing a full face of Kailav because these products are the culmination of my beauty expertise. I’m a total makeup snob, and I have to admit... Kailav is pretty exceptional.
Proudly based in sunny Austin, TX.

Tara co-founder Kaya co-founder
Tara and Kaya, sisters and founders of Kailav