Daydream Paint Palette

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Limited edition collaboration with @sunshinethebee. This item is not eligible for discount codes.

Paint your daydreams with this water-activated paint palette featuring eight vivid hues. Just like the ever-changing sky, every single look created from this palette will be one of a kind.

Watch tutorials with the Daydream Paint Palette here!

Use the palette for wearable graphic liner looks, or channel your inner painter and create a work of art. The possibilities are endless!

Formulator's Note: You may notice that your Daydream Paint Palette has some spots of discoloration in the pans- this is completely normal. The formula sometimes reacts with moisture, but the palette is safe to use.

Vegan + Cruelty-free.

Shades in this palette include: 

  • Rì chū - (sunrise in Chinese) a bronzey gold that warms up the skin like the rising sun
  • Aurora- a soft light peach one sees at the wake of sleep
  • Ambrosia - a bold orange that will allow you to connect with your own power
  • Vernality - the color of lilacs in bloom and the feeling of drifting to sleep
  • Yuèguāng - (moonlight in Chinese) A silvery potion. Use alone or mix with other shades to change the finish.
  • Effervescent - straight out of an editorial dream, a bright teal to inspire creativity
  • Seraphic - the color of rich pink puffy clouds
  • Sonder - a deep, royal purple for the imaginative thinker

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