Van Gogh Palette

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  • $28.00

Meet the ultimate eyeshadow palette to reflect the iconic Impressionist works of Vincent Van Gogh. With five blendable, pigmented mattes and four reflective, wearable shimmers, you'll be reaching for this work of art every day. Cruelty-free and vegan!

Shades in this palette include:

  • Night (matte deep cobalt blue)
  • Irises (shimmering blue lilac)
  • Sunflower (matte mustard yellow)
  • Blossom (shimmering deep teal)
  • Cypress (matte olive green)
  • Starlight (shimmering light yellow)
  • Auvers (matte charcoal)
  • Terrace (shimmering gold green duochrome)
  • Cottage (matte terracotta) 

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